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LGBTQ+ people

Society seems to want us to fit into neat categories, perhaps especially so when it comes to our gender or sexual orientation. In reality, many of us don’t fit readily onto this ‘binary’ world of male/female or gay/straight.  Despite enormous progress being made in common attitudes towards gay, lesbian and bisexual people, it can still be difficult to accept and live comfortably with the knowledge that you are not straight – and it is perhaps more difficult still to come to terms with knowing that your gender doesn’t match your biological sex.

Even if we are comfortable with who we are, managing the responses of other people can be difficult. Not everyone who comes out has a supportive family and friends.  Not everyone can count on acceptance and safety from people in their workplace or at their school, college or university.  It may be especially difficult to consider coming out if you are in a long-term, straight relationship and/or have children.

Whether you are dealing with issues of your own sexual or gender identity or are close to someone who is, I would be very happy to work with you.

I have a strong commitment to promoting therapeutic services which are appropriate to the needs of LGBTQ+ people, their friends and family.  To this end I am a partner in It’s All About You, a resource to the LGBTQ+ population of the Southwest of England and to the professionals working with them.



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